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Wayne Earl Moody
April 4, 1939 - April 24th 2005
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We Are Multi-Dimensional Beings Within a Holographic Lattice



There is a Light that shines beyond all things on earth,
beyond us all, beyond the heavens,
beyond the highest, the very highest heavens.
This is the Light that shines in our heart.

~~Chandogya Upanishad

Images by permision from visionary artist Alex Grey, in Sacred Mirrors 
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Cities of Light are Made in the Image of Man 
Creating New Cities of Light for the New Millennium

Creating the new cities of light for the new millennium will require a shift in our group consciousness. This shift is toward the realization that we are multidimensional beings and that our physical reality is nothing more than a holographic projection of our consciousness.

Light becomes the conscious medium of our expression as well as the source of our energy. The fullness of the creative power of the universe is contained within the light. We are all connected from the oneness of this light and from this oneness all things emerge. Ideas impinged upon light, propelled by will: this is how form is manifested read the info at Paydaynow indexpage.

We are not alone. Within each of us is our connection with worlds upon worlds; we are as cells in an organ, knowing our connection, functioning with purpose, directing our future. All is known, not so much from physical senses (although we learn much from that dimension), but from that unmeasurable dimension--consciousness itself.

Many are concerned as we transition into the new millennium and facing predictions for the End Times, as to whether or not life as we have known it will end on this planet and whether or not there will be massive wars, terrorism, Earth changes, disease and pestilence, severe interruption in basic services, and resulting turmoil and destruction. All of this has been predicted. Some are already experiencing these phenomena.

There are others who are experiencing the changes differently. A new lightness is emerging in which old patterns and constraints are falling away. A world of infinite potential is appearing around every turn. The rules holding the physical world together are changing and being replaced by a realization of form in which we direct our physical manifestation from consciousness itself. We are realizing that the physical world has been created by our thought patterns, primarily based upon fear and a belief that the physical world is required for our sustenance and is limited in its potential. With this emerging understanding, we realize that with just a slight shift in consciousness and belief systems, our world can be remade anew right before our very eyes.

Our physical sciences are beginning to shed more and more light on this world's history and its connection with the Cosmos. Gradually we are discovering and documenting civilizations long buried, forgotten and hidden from view; great civilizations in which our connection with other worlds and the Cosmos was well known and integral with everyday living. We are beginning to get a picture of the kinds of Earth changes which may have destroyed prior civilizations. Records are being found and translated that document the great civilizations formerly assumed to be only legends and myths: Pangaia, Lemuria, Mu, Atlantis, and others.

When I studied architecture and city planning, the known history of civilization stretched back as much as 4500-5000 years B.C., back as far as some place called Sumeria, of which very little was known. History as it was then taught really began with Egypt. Now we have stretched back a bit farther to about 13,000 years ago and even the great pyramids turn out to be much older than previously believed, and were apparently built upon even older structures. There is even some evidence that some advanced civilization existed as much as 50,000 years ago, and hints of civilizations beyond even that. As bits and pieces find their way into common knowledge, a picture is being painted of very advanced civilizations, even more advanced technologically than our current "high technology" civilization, in which forms of energy and movement were based upon "free energy" that is only now being thought about and in which there was common working knowledge of other worlds, both physical and etheric.

With this emerging knowledge, is it too radical to again envision the creation of our cities from a consciousness based upon the understanding of the use of "free" light and energy? Is it too radical to envision our own creative abilities based upon the infinite abundance of the universe? Is it too radical to envision that physical manifestation comes directly from thought? Is it too radical to envision a world free from fear and limiting beliefs? Is it too radical to envision relationships based upon love, trust, sharing and mutual support? This is how nature works when left to its own. Can we not again envision ourselves as part of a natural system that is abundantly supported as we share our essence and allow the power of nature to flow through us freely?

The cities of the future will be an expression of the natural flow of energy as humans learn to use it without resistance. They will be cities based upon our expanded understanding of the power of light. One of the characteristics of energy is that resistance creates friction and heat: sometimes fuses blow and wires burn in the process. Civilization is like that: as resistance to the force of change increases, things get hot and sometimes explode or burn up. As we go about our business, therefore, it might be well to identify the key areas of resistance where things are heating up and find ways to allow the energy to flow more freely. In this way, less energy is wasted and more is directed toward creation. Wasted energy tends to show up as destruction. As we are able to focus only on the creative flow of energy, waste is eliminated and all things become more efficient and effective; the process of reconstruction speeds up. Ultimately, reconstruction happens in the blink of an eye with only a thought and an idea based upon trust how to make unsecured loans secure.

It is possible, as Ken Carey proposes in The Third Millennium, that we may no longer need to manifest ourselves in physical form? In energetic form, the resistances to movement and communication are largely eliminated; our creations of form do not have to go through the cumbersome process of being built with materials and machinery; our environments and "structures" can change instantaneously depending upon need. In this emerging democracy as we humans gradually transmute our egos from want to service and toward the light within our beings, government will be "of the light, by the light, and for the light." Then we will be creating our new cities of light in which the energy of form will truly support our needs.

"Matter is Energy. Energy is Light. We are all Light Beings."
~Albert Einstein

© Wayne Moody, November 3, 1999, as it originally appeared in Wayne's Occasional Earth Dynamics Report. Modified December 21, 2000

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