Signs in the Sky
"Near the day of the Great Purification, there will be cobwebs spun back and forth in the sky." 
~~pre-Columbian Hopi prophecy

The inside military codeword for the pilots who man the planes that spray the chemtrails is
"Sky Spiders"

Many of the chemtrails have been found to contain polymers that act like spider webs.




Chemtrails of the World by Mark Metcalf


The “Celtic Ring” Appears

The Biological Sky is Falling

The Reason for Chemtrails

Doctor in Arizona Relates Illness to Chemtrails

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The Weather Liars by Diane Harvey

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Sprayings of Mass Destruction

Italian Chemtrail Researchers Come to America

Aerosol Operations Crimes and Coverup

Chemtrails: Bio-Active Crystalline Cationic Polymers

The Continuing Catastrophe Called Chemtrails

50 Years of Biological Defense Testing
"Two Congressional investigations and recently declassified British defense documents detail 50 years of "open air" testing that used ships and spray-equipped aircraft to spread biological warfare simulants on hundreds of cities across the U.S., Canada and the U.K."
~~Congressman Dennis Kucinich, Chairman of the US Defense Armed Services Comittee

Chemtrails: Clouds of Death
This is a must-see that should be spread far and wide!  Choices are 84-220 Mbytes. MPEG version works well and takes much less time to download.  It's worth the wait, but you won't see things the same way after viewing it. If you want your own CD, email me and I'll send you a copy.

Boiling Sky-Aerosol Operations

Aerosol Operation Crimes and Coverup

Barium Blues Energy Display; Earth as a Weapon

Aerosol Bomb Spraying, Duluth, Minnesota

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Chemtrails Over America-2002

Chemtrail Update, February, 2002

Arizona Chemtrail Busting

Contrails: Poison From the Sky

Chemtrail Aerosols: Brain Fog, Illness, and Denial

Chemtrails Over Tucson

Chemtrails Over Phoenix

Chemtrails Over Santa Fe

More Chemtrails Over Santa Fe

Heavy Chemtrails Over Santa Fe

Chemtrails Over Santa Fe - Worst Ever

Unexpected Biological Components in Outdoor Air in Santa Fe

Chemtrails Over Sedona

Chemtrails Over Mendocino

Chemtrails Over Lake Mead

Chemtrails Over Cambria

Chemtrails Over Baltimore County

Mega Chemtrails Off California Coast
Broader View of California Coastal Chemtrails

Californians Concerned Over Chemtrails

Chemtrails Over Indiana

Chemtrails Over Toledo

Satellite Photo of Chemtrail Spraying

White Material Falls from Sky over Oklahoma City

White Sun and Chemtrails

Chemtrails Over Pennsylvania

Chemtrails Over Topeka

Chemtrail Sunset Over New Jersey

Chemtrails Over Atlanta

Chemtrails Over Crawford, Colorado

Chemtrails Over North Texas

Chemtrails Over Kingsville, Texas

Chemtrails Over Portland

Chemtrails Over Toronto

Chemtrails Over the U.K.

Chemtrails Over Amsterdam, Holland

Chemtrails and More


Chemtrails: Covert Climate Control?

Vancouver Courier Chemtrails Coverage


Mark Steadham's Houston Contrails Study

“Tiny Bits of Soot Tied to Illness", New York Times, April 21, 2001
NOAA Meteorologist Thomas Schlatter


Chemtrail Crisis

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California Chemtrail Tracking

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Red/Black Chemtrail over Kentucky, Ohio

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Sky Snake with Chemtrails

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Chemtrail Busters and Holy Hand Grenade Construction
The Croft Power Wand
Of Cloudbusters and Chembusters (Ken Adachi of
Chembusters Explained
Chemtrail Busters

Watch the Skies for Success

Chemtrail Watch

Chemtrails and Cloudships

Chemtrail Sprayers

Chemtrails and Aerial Spraying

Chemtrail Research and Resources

Chemtrails over America; Negative Ion Depletion

Chemtrails as Mind Control

Chemtrails as Suppression of Human Evolution

"Project Artichoke" and US, Russian ElectroMagnetic Mind Control Efforts

Patent for Voice to Skull Technology, 1988

ChemCloud Spin Doctors at Work

NORAD Investigates "Vapor Trail" Reports

HAARP Research Goals

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What is HAARP?

Anatomy of a HAARP Attack

Lady Kadjina Discusses Chemtrails and HAARP

HAARP and Directed Energy Weapons

HAARP Electronic Warfare Program

Ionosphere "blown into space" by HAARP Activity

HAARP as a Decoy for Military ELF and Scalar Weapons Technology

Electromagnetic Weather Altering
"...Ionospheric warming (such as created by the HAARP transmitters) can't fail to effect the land mass below. Total result will force POLAR ICE-CAPS TO START MELTING," - a goal which U.S. and Soviet scientists have been jointly and secretly working towards since the late 1960's.
~~1/24/85 PBS Television show, "The Nature of Things"

Ongoing Scalar Weather Wars by Colonel Tom Beardon

America's Ultra-Secret Weapon--Microwave Tomahawk

Targeting the Human with Directed Energy Weapons

Russian Scalar Weapons Systems

Scalar Energy Effects

HAARP and Security Concerns

What the HAARP Signal Looks Like

HAARP, GWEN, Schumann Resonance Frequencies, Etc.

HAARP Defensive Economic Warfare and Ion Ratios

Microwaves; Naval Health Research Center

Glossary of Navy's Directed Energy Weapons Systems