Lady Kadjina Welcomes You

Lady Kadjina's Latest Messsage
November 3, 2004
Information and insights to prepare ourselves for the coming earth shifts.
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through August 15, 2004
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Who is Lady Kadjina ?

Lady Kadjina comes to us at this time to help facilitate the shifting of consciousness as we and Earth transition to a deeper understanding of our history and our potential. On Earth, she has experienced the various epochs of Earth's history from at least 50,000 years ago, through the time of Lemuria, Atlantis and its various stages of evolution, Sumeria, Egypt, and up through today. In other planes, she comes from Alpha Centauri where existence isin the form of pre-material energy.

In this time and on this plane, her channel is Reverend Kay Simmons

Reverend Simmons conducts private consultations either in person or by phone. She can be reached via email at She also has a private newslog that can be accessed at and click to enter the site, then click on "Newslog"  and then "The Night Queen."

Since the inauguration of this website, the response from readers around the world has been tremendous.  We now have readers and our site is referenced in most mainland states of the U.S., Alaska and Hawaii, and also in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Trinidad, Chile, Peru, Guatemala, Mexico, France, The Netherlands, South Korea, Japan, Ukraine, and South Africa.

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